Welcome to Yet Another Collaborative Editor: Embassy Edition Pro. By pulling together all our skills, we can collaboratively build the best possible brand and online presence for the Embassy Gallery, and consequently attract great artists and secure funding for the future sustenance of the organisation.

How do I format my edits?

Have you heard of Markdown, the cool new text-formatting syntax used everywhere from Github to Wikipedia? It allows for quick and easy on-the-fly collaborative editing and formatting, and democratises co-working as you don't need to know html/css to participate! Wow! Check out the tutorial below for a quick intro!



Double-click with the crosshair-cursor to open an editing window. The top half is the full preview of how your edit will look, and the bottom half is where you enter new content.


To make a heading, simply type a hashtag in front of your text - anything following the hashtag will appear big and bold! Example:

#a heading!

a heading!

PRO TIP! Add more hashtags to decrement the text size. Example:

###a smaller heading!

a smaller heading!


Personalise your edits to the text with the YACE simple color picking syntax, two exclamation marks followed by a color of your choice. Example:

!!red this text will appear red!

this text will appear red!

Also choose from the following colors: red, green, blue, black, yellow, orange, white, cyan, magenta, gold, turquoise, purple, lime, pink, silver, tan, teal


Links are simple: write the title of the link in square brackets, followed by the target url in regular brackets.

[A link to github!](http://github.com)

A link to github!

Images and Youtube videos

For images: Easy-peasy - just paste in the URL! In the case of images, make sure it's a direct link (use Copy Image Location) to the image - it should end in a .gif, a .jpg, or a .png!


Other Formatting tips

Wrap your text in underscores to italicize or bolden what you're saying. Example:

_one underscore will italicize_

one underscore will italicize

__two will bolden__

two will bolden

< >

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Welcome to Yet Another Collaborative Editor!